10 Fascinating Thunder Facts

Thunderstorms fascinate or terrify people. They are an interesting phenomenon of nature and affect small areas at one time. Here a few very interesting facts about thunder:

1. Thunderstorms don’t hurt you but lightning does! So be cautious when you hear thunder as the closer you are the shorter the gap between thunder and lightning.

2. About 1800 thunderstorms occur at any moment across the globe which totals to 16 million in a year!

3. An average thunderstorm has a diameter of 15 miles and usually lasts for half an hour.

4. The intense heat produced from lightning makes the surrounding air expand quickly and produce a sonic sound wave which you hear as thunder. That is how thunderstorms are formed.

5. Thunderstorms can also occur along with snowstorms.

6. You cannot hear thunder clearly if you are over 12 miles away from it.

7. Aristotle believed thunder was created due to a collision of the clouds.

8. Thunderstorms are all dangerous but the ones that produce hail nearly an inch big and has winds of 58 miles or more causes tornadoes.

9. The fear of thunder and lightning is called astraphobia.

10. To calculate how far away a storm is, count the number of seconds between lightning and thunder and divide that number by 5 to get the distance in miles.